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Welcome to GTA Rail & Road ServicesWelcome to GTA Rail & Road Services

Railroad Track Repair Contractor in Ontario


Trains may not be as popular as they used to be with the popularity of cars, but they are still vitally important for transportation of people and goods. Most people don’t think much about the railway itself, but these tracks take a beating as trains go over them repeatedly. GTA Rail & Road Services is here to provide a railroad track repair contractor in the Ontario area. 

Our Railroad Track Repair Services

 Railroad tracks are elaborate works of engineering, and they have to be exact to perform their proper function. Between the ties, railroad spikes, and the metal rails, all of these aspects have to work together in unison. If any part of the track is broken, trains that use the track can be in danger. Derailments can cause all sorts of disasters, from lost money to lost lives. 

The professionals at GTA Rail & Road Services want to keep these disasters from ever being a danger, so our team of experts offer comprehensive railroad track repair services, including: 

  • General track maintenance
  • General track repairs
  • Rail replacement
  • Tie replacement
  • Brush cutting
  • Switch welding

Everything from cracked rails to overgrown bushes can cause problems for trains, so when your railroad needs repairs, don’t risk any dangers. Contact us today and we’ll go over your entire track to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape. We want you to make sure you, your conductors, and your passengers are all safe. 

 If you own or run any type of railroad track, don’t leave it to the mercy of nature. Send us a message with our contact form and get the professional railroad track repairs that you need to keep everyone on the tracks safe. Our repairs are affordable and comprehensive, so we’re confident you’ll be 100% satisfied with the end result of your railway.